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Debbie Vastola, ACoM, Property Manager
Efficient, professional property management is the critical factor when it comes to maintaining and thereby increasing the value of an investment. In order to protect and enhance the value of our client's investments, we believe that professional property management is an important responsibility. Our strength in management is built upon our commitment to this responsibility and upon the personalized service we extend to our tenants and to our clients. This commitment in providing personal attention is the hallmark of our approach to management services. This attention to the needs of our tenants ensures a long term and consistent relationship. Visits to tenants, responding to their concerns and conducting on-site inspections to maintain properties in a timely, thorough manner are an essential part of the representatives of our company's Property Management Division. Also dealing with one property manager relieves the owner of tenant-related problems and interactions.

Equally, essential, in order to maintain and increase a property's value, Max J. Derbes, Inc. Property Management Division seeks to give each development a long-range competitive edge in the market place. This may require improving common areas, working with owner's goals and possibly major/minor property renovation. All improvements and/or repairs are completed to meet our client's investment goals and objectives.

In order to ensure that our clients have up to date and accurate financial information, The Property Management Division utilizes state of the art property management software. A financial package can be submitted on a monthly or quarterly basis as desired. The package may consist of several different types of rent rolls, a complete occupant ledger, a detailed general ledger, and an operating statement showing current month, as well as year to date activity, and comparison to the established budget. Our reporting system is geared to meeting each client's requirements.
The Property Management Division is committed to providing the excellent service that our clients expect and deserve. If you would like further information on how we can assist you in your individual property management requirements, please call Debbie @ 504-733-4555 or use the email form below.
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